Episode 16: Fetlife

Update: I want to say that in the two years since I’ve posted this I have seen noticeable improvement from Fetlife. I am not going to remove this episode but I do want to note that pretty much every criticism in this episode has been either rectified or improved drastically and that’s all you can really ask for.


Episode 16 of the podcast is now up and is a history of the problems with the website Fetlife. (more…)

Episode 15: Mailbag Part 3 BATSHIT INSANITY LAND

I was planning to do an episode on roleplay next, but then I got a series of emails from a submissive on collarme. They started out dumb, but harmless. They proceeded to become the most insane emails I have ever read. Half of me feels like I wasted my time for even giving a courtesy reply that opened the door to this, the other half of me is glad I did. I go step by step in what not to do when contacting a domme and detail just how nuts this guy is. I also dig out a few other emails, and end with the classic “fuck u bitch.”


Episode 13: Banana Boy Part 2

I recorded this about two weeks ago and have been debating posting it ever since. This ended up as more of a rant with some funny stories mixed in. If you would like to hear more about Banana Boy’s fuck ups, listen! If you wanted to hear how he was punished by researching landmark Supreme Court cases, listen! If you find pathetic slaves annoying, this might not be the episode for you. Then again, if you don’t like pathetic slaves, why are you listening to this podcast?

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Episode 12: Jaded New Year’s Eve Review

Final Edit: The link should now be correct, enjoy!

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? I hope you spent it beating or being beaten (depending on your preference!) I took a trip up to Lowell MA for the Jaded New Year’s Eve Fetish Party, thrown as always by Sarula. How was the party? Did Sindy Katrotic blow the crowd away with her performances? Were there any sexy pandas? Well take a listen to Episode 12 to find out! (more…)

Episode 11: Financial Domination Part 1

If you are involved with BDSM on the internet you’ve no doubt encountered financial domination, financial dominants or financial slaves. In this episode I discuss financial domination, why people have such extreme reactions to it, why it is a fetish, mistakes dominants make, what financial slaves are actually like, and more!


Episode 9: Mailbag Part 2

It is time to dip into the depths of the mailbag a second time! In episode 9 we’ll see just how low the bottom of the barrel can go! What horrors lurk there? You’ll have to listen (and read on) to see! Marvel at ugly faces that want to suck my cock. Recoil in horror at misuse of the shift key! Delight to the worst spelling you have ever seen!


Welcome to the Dungeon Diaries!

I hope you enjoy the podcast. I am Queen Titania, your hostess. This podcast is intended to be a fun project to relate some of my favorite stories from my kinky lifestyle, and maybe help educate people on the fetish scene as well. This site is a work in progress as is the pod cast. I hope the sound quality will improve as time goes on, I am just getting re-adjusted to editing audio. I also hope to improve the site, although I do like the minimalist look for now. Three episodes have been posted so far with more to come soon!