Episode 16: Fetlife

Update: I want to say that in the two years since I’ve posted this I have seen noticeable improvement from Fetlife. I am not going to remove this episode but I do want to note that pretty much every criticism in this episode has been either rectified or improved drastically and that’s all you can really ask for.


Episode 16 of the podcast is now up and is a history of the problems with the website Fetlife. I will not claim this is an exhaustive analysis of Fetlife’s issues. There are more. In recent days the Fetlife’s founder has made some idiotic decisions that have highlighted five years of bad decisions, bullying and hypocrisy on the part of Fetlife and its management. This episode deals with Fetlife’s failures to live up to its Terms of Use, its internet bullying in the form of aggressive, improper DMCA notices, its failures to protect members from being outed and put in danger, and its failures to live up to its agreements with credit card processors. On top of this, we can add bullying a 9 year old boy to the mix. For more information on recent events, visit Fetlife Fail.

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Theme music is Ghosts 19 off the album Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails.



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