Episode 19: “I Can Relocate”

Every dom/me hears the phrase “I can relocate” from a would be slave. Whether they are a professional, lifestyle or somewhere in between, everyone gets this. Why do these three words mean the submissive is completely delusional? What do I think when I hear it? This episode covers the underlying reasons why so many submissives on Collarme, Fetlife and elsewhere are so quick to tell you they will uproot just to serve.


Episode 16: Fetlife

Update: I want to say that in the two years since I’ve posted this I have seen noticeable improvement from Fetlife. I am not going to remove this episode but I do want to note that pretty much every criticism in this episode has been either rectified or improved drastically and that’s all you can really ask for.


Episode 16 of the podcast is now up and is a history of the problems with the website Fetlife. (more…)