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I am Mistress Carmina Titania, also known as Queen Titania, a trans-dominatrix in Providence RI. For the last four years I have been dominating, teasing, torturing and humiliating slaves in New England, across the internet and on the phone. As you can tell, my main fetish is latex, especially creating new fetish art with it. Beyond that I have a twisted sense of humor. My performance for the Miss Rubber World Pageant and for Jaded’s Superhero September was a fetish themed fight scene straight out of the 60′s Batman show. My favorite form of bondage humiliation? Encasing slaves in latex and binding them so they must crawl round on the floor as worms, then making them give me wormy rides. My play is very much based off my humor, and I hope this podcast will draw from that as well.

I always find it short sighted when “lifestylers” look down on professional dominatrices. Doing what I do gives me a chance to bring fantasies to life for people who simply cannot live the lifestyle. They might be in a loveless marriage, they might be too busy with their career, or be in the public spotlight. They need to play in secret. I doubt many of these critics would take the time to bring D/s to their lives. It’s incredibly fulfilling when I get an email after a session or a Niteflirt call telling me how wonderful the experience was and how they lived out a long-time dream.

Serving Me:
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