Episode 19: “I Can Relocate”

Every dom/me hears the phrase “I can relocate” from a would be slave. Whether they are a professional, lifestyle or somewhere in between, everyone gets this. Why do these three words mean the submissive is completely delusional? What do I think when I hear it? This episode covers the underlying reasons why so many submissives on Collarme, Fetlife and elsewhere are so quick to tell you they will uproot just to serve.


Episode 5: Opening the Mailbag

It’s time to open my mailbag and look at all of the email inside! No, this isn’t a listener feedback episode, this is a show where I will look at all of the stupid emails I get! Want to know how often someone says “Can I suck your cock?” or “WANT TO BE A MODEL?” Well, you’ll get an idea if you tune in! These run the gambit from idiotic, to disgusting, to nonsensical, to just plain weird.

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During the episode I promised to post one email in particular, so here it is in full: (more…)