Collarme Roulette

Sorry about the lack of updates, I recently replaced my laptop but haven’t dug out the license information for my audio software. It’s difficult to record without that software, to say the least.

I have decided to write more until I fix that. If you have been to you are no doubt aware that it shows you a profile when you visit the site. The profile is the most recent person to visit the site based on your search parameters. This can be a lot of fun if you just have it look for very general things instead of limiting it to finding a specific kind of person. After all, who wants to use social networks for their intended purposes? So I like to pick a category: Dominant Women, Dominant Men, Dominant Trans, Submissive Men, Trans, etc and just seeing what profile pops up. Entertainment often ensues. Tonight “DominaKitten” popped up. The first thing I noticed was her journal entry which called our a number of users for being “fakes.” Usually if you get mad about collarme fakes, you haven’t been doing this for very long.

Then I noticed her photos. The profile photo is pretty generic, but she also has photos of her in tiger body paint. One of these features her in a cage. The worst way to look like a dominant is to post photos of yourself in a cage. So, what is this person looking for on collarme?

Financial Slave: Will provide all income and serve me, in accordance to our contract.

Oh, so they just have to provide all income to you. Really.

Foot Slave: Will provide shoes, as well as manicures and pedicures for Mistress and serve according to contract.

I am starting to sense a theme…

   Clothing/Toy Slave: Will provide fetish wear and/or toys for the dungeon and serve according to the contract.

If you read this, wouldn’t you get a bit suspicious? You require slaves to serve for the most part the only thing you can come up with is them giving you money or buying you things. The other duties will simply be in the contract. Granted, they then list all of their fetishes and specialties, but their inability to come up with tasks for three of their categories other than “give me money” really cracked me up. Combine this with complaints about fakes and I’m guessing these positions will remain unfilled.

My profiles aren’t perfect. My photos aren’t either. I can see many flaws in my work, so I try not to openly bash others unless something glaring and hilarious pops up.

Episode 19: “I Can Relocate”

Every dom/me hears the phrase “I can relocate” from a would be slave. Whether they are a professional, lifestyle or somewhere in between, everyone gets this. Why do these three words mean the submissive is completely delusional? What do I think when I hear it? This episode covers the underlying reasons why so many submissives on Collarme, Fetlife and elsewhere are so quick to tell you they will uproot just to serve.