Episode 2: Montreal Fetish Weekend 2012

Montreal Fetish Weekend was just a few weeks ago so it seemed like the perfect topic for Episode 2. Inside you’ll learn what happens when a car full of latex and fetish gear gets stopped at the border, what one does at a lube station besides lubing people, the pros and cons of the event and more! You will also get some very practical tips for how to visit fetish events on the cheap (sometimes how to do this accidentally) by sleeping in the same bed as two other gorgeous fetish performers and kink artists. The things we must do to save a buck. This episode clocks in at just under half an hour.

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Intro music: Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts 19 from the album Ghosts, under creative commons license.

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One Response to Episode 2: Montreal Fetish Weekend 2012

  1. I enjoyed a very awesome and entertaining promo of Montreal Fetish Weekend. And having met you on for the first time in Montreal, I remember your first trip, sick as a dog, then the car accident the year Nemi got sick as you had the latex for the show, getting lost, and your border stop… Glad your visits kept getting better. I have to say I have watch you grow and mature. Doing what it takes to be fabulous. OMG, I was shocked you mentioned me LJ at the end… Thank you. Keep on being you….

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